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There were times when talking about personal sexual problems was considered unacceptable. Fortunately, those times have gone and today men and women suffering from sexual disorders of different kinds can speak freely about – and look for solutions to – their intimate problems.

The website in particular is dedicated to the most common male sexual problem -erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence. To be specific, the site was created to inform men about one of the most potent ED drugs, Cialis.

There is actually no shortage of sites on the Internet that talk about ED medication. However, most of them are in English., on the other hand, has been built specifically for a French-speaking audience, and that’s what sets it apart from many other sites dedicated to ED medication.

Naturally, is most popular in France, Belgium and Canada. But it is also well known in some African counties where French is spoken.

So now let’s go through and focus on some most noticeable features of this French-language website.

The home page

This page contains the main article that introduces the reader to Cialis. The entry explains the way the drug works, its ingredients, its dosages, how it can be purchased, and also mentions some side effects and indications regarding the drug. The information given on the home page is clear but rather basic. To get more details, one can go to the FAQ section on the website.


So far there are four categories on

FAQ: In all, there are more than a dozen questions on the FAQ page, all of which are answered in a clear and comprehensive way. Anyone who considers buying Cialis for the first time is advised to thoroughly read this section as it will give you a better understanding as to the drug’s function, effects, precautions   and possible risks. In case you’ve never tried Cialis before, consulting your doctor first would be an even better idea.

Men’s Health: As the name of the category suggests, it is totally dedicated to various issues concerning men’s health in general. As of the date of the present review, though, most of the articles in this category bear on the subject of erectile dysfunction.

News: This category comprises a number of health articles based on resent research and findings. Is lack of sleep dangerous for you? What health benefits can you get from red wine? These and many other interesting articles are present in this category.

Healthcare: The section offers articles on a wide range of health topics. Pulmonary disease, hypertension, thyroid gland, osteoporosis are just a few of them. The articles in this category can be interesting to people – both men and women – who care about their health and understand the importance of prevention.

In spite of the obvious fact that was initially created for men interested in erectile dysfunction in general and ED medication in particular, due to the two categories – News and Healthcare – that were added on the site later, has become useful to a much broader audience.