Can you drink alcohol while taking Levitra?

Can you drink alcohol while taking Levitra?

People starting treatment with any drug usually avoid consuming alcohol during this period. Nevertheless, nowadays several ED medications can be taken with alcohol. In general, Levitra doesn’t produce any side effects while taken with alcohol. Although many men doubt whether it is safe to combine Levitra with alcohol but studies have shown that using the two together doesn’t lead to any significant health effects.

Although taking Levitra and alcohol is not proved to provoke any problems, it would be better to be attentive to a possibility of potential adverse effects that may manifest when taking a big quantity of alcohol. In theory, consuming alcohol while taking Levitra may provoke dilation of the blood vessels, that may result in dizziness, a rapid heart rate, and low blood pressure.

Combining alcohol and Levitra should be approved by your general practitioner. You and your doctor have the best outlook on your current situation. According to your wishes and needs your doctor can take the optimal decision on whether you can take alcohol with Levitra or not. Some other medical reasons why you should not consume alcohol during your treatment are also possible.

However, even if your doctor didn’t prohibit your consuming alcohol, avoid alcohol abuse. If you decide to drink, do not take a lot of alcohol at a time, especially if you have just started your treatment with Levitra. It is better to drink little portions in order to watch possible side effects. If you experience any of the potential adverse reactions, stop drinking. You also cannot drink alcohol and drive.

Effect of alcohol can also depend on specific reactions of the body. Some people can experience increasing of the amount of Levitra in the body due to consuming of alcohol which may translate in appearing of some side effects of Levitra. Serious side effects are rare but possible, and some can be sudden and dangerous. These effects include vision loss, heart attack, and sudden death.

Whether you’re taking Levitra or not, chronic alcohol use or abuse may harm proper erectile function by itself. Heavy alcohol consumption often plays the major role in appearing of erectile dysfunction. It means that taking large amounts of alcohol during treatment with Levitra may undo drug’s positive effects.

Even light drinking can sometimes be a reason of erectile problems. Avoiding alcohol can enhance getting erection even regardless taking medication or changing its dose.