Tackling Poverty Together

Glasgow has a Poverty Leadership Panel, tasked with tackling poverty and its causes in our city. The panel, established in early 2013, is made up of representatives from the public, private and third sectors and includes people who have direct experience of living in poverty.

Two of the key principles of the plan is that is a whole city response, and it is based on the experiences of people directly affected by poverty – because people experiencing poverty are part of the solution. Those in the Leadership Panel who themselves have direct experience of living in poverty have created a ‘Wee Panel’. The wee panel provides expertise on the issue of poverty.

The work of the panel acknowledges that poverty is about more than a lack of money, but includes a range of inter-related issues such as social exclusion and lack of opportunity. Their vision is that poverty is made a thing of the past, and that everyone across Glasgow contributes to reducing poverty and exclusion.

Key themes

There are six themes which form the basis of the work:

  • Participation: involving people with direct experience of poverty in making decisions about their city;
  • Attitudinal change: challenging negative attitudes about people living in poverty;
  • Welfare reform: reducing the harm being caused to our citizens by welfare reform;
  • Child poverty: reducing child poverty;
  • Credit and debt: reducing the additional costs of living in poverty and ensuring people have access to good advice;
  • Work and worth: removing barriers to getting quality jobs and valuing volunteering.

Action plan

The Panel has signed off on Glasgow’s Action Plan for Change. This plan outlines the actions the city will take to reach the goals of each theme. The Forum helped produce an easy read version of the action plan. A pdf of the Easy Read version of the Action Plan can be found on the Poverty leadership Panel website: Easy Read Action Plan (pdf 161Kb)

If you would like hard copies of the Easy Read version, please contact us.

Annual report

A report card of progress made in the first year of the Panel’s existence has been produced: view the report card (pdf 416Kb)

Learn more

The poverty leadership panel website includes the latest version of the Action Plan and papers from Panel meetings. The next Panel meeting is on 21 August 2014.